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National Security
I believe in the concept of peace thru strength. Our nation needs a strong military to achieve deterrence. How we get that. The Nuclear Triad needs to be updated to ensure that the enemies know that if they attack us, they will not survive. Conventional Forces need to be able to fight wars at the same time. We have an interest in the Asia Pacific region and Europe- Middle East Region. The concept of total force has to be fully implemented so the reserve components will reinforce the Active-Duty forces.  
In order for the Military to be effective out Intelligence Agencies should be on the leading edge of technology and at the same time be masters of the traditional human Intelligence. The Intelligence community has to be committed with the Republic, not a particular party.
The Border has to be secured to ensure legal entry into this Country.
Health Care
The Health of the American people should be the important for the government as Gasoline, coffee or Soy beans. The prices of healthcare are ridiculous. Before the Affordable care act the uninsured were able to go to County clinics or not for profit clinics to get assistance. The need for a healthcare reform is needed but instead of consulting the big health care insurance agencies we need to ask patients and health care professionals. The cost can be lowered if we review the causes for them. For example, we don’t have a forum to review medical malpractice claims they go directly to court and the claims are settled and the insurance agency increase the primes for the doctors and thus increasing the cost of their services. Another example are hospitals, if you go to an emergency room every item is charged 5 to 10 times their retail cost. And even the insured end up with bills for more than $5k. The solution is a comprehensive reform that establish a fair treatment for patients while keeping the revenue of medical facilities and providers at a fair share.
In order to compete in the global scale our students must be taught the basic subjects with a strong STEM component and I will work hard to eliminate all kinds of indoctrination against the values that created this nation. We are one of the countries that spend more in education but has the worst results. AT the federal level we will stablish guidelines to states and local school boards on matters of basic education and to dedicate the majority of resources in the classroom not the administration office.
The Environment
Protect the environment through incentives to companies and educational programs so that citizens know the impact they have on the Natural resources where they live, and how to modify their practices of using water and the disposal of solid waste.
The key for a strong economy is reducing taxes and regulations to Businesses. Creating incentives to companies that create jobs, and to provide assistance to small and medium businesses to expand their operations.
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Here you can get to know Angel Urbina and how he can change the quality of life in Florida and the Nation.
Angel Urbina retired from the US Army National Guard and is Currently Serving with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Small Business Owner and commited to improve the economy of Tampa.
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